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In 2003 Andrew Bevin (computer genius and internet service provider 'The Packing Shed') from Waiuku was frustrated at not being able to buy freshly roasted coffee locally, so he decided to import a 5 kg Toper coffee roaster from Turkey (as you do)..

Andrew trialed several varieties before settling on his three favourite - Columbian, PNG Sigri and the Samatran Mandhelling Arabica which now make up the two Coffee Beanz blends.  Andrew tried diligently to drink 5 kg of coffee a week but could not!

In 2005 Andrew moved the roaster to his computer shop in Waiuku, serving coffee to the locals and selling them his freshly roasted coffee beans.

In 2008 Andrew moved the roaster (again) to his new lifestyle property in Waiau Pa, designed a website and built up a small turn over in local delivery and mail order sales.

In June 2011 Erica (me) and Alistair Baxter bought the business and relocated it (yes again) to their humble (and I mean humble) farm in Karaka. The 67 Mustang was immediately dispatched from its posey in the garage and over the next couple of months a purpose built roasting room emerged.

I'd like to thank Andrew and Michelle Bevin (mostly Michelle) for their persistence in encouraging me to take on the business and a big thank you to Andrew for all the hours of roasting training and answering of endless questions.  Thanks very much also to all the Coffee Beanz regular customers who continue to purchase and enjoy our quality local product.  Its been the most terrifying and exhilarating thing learning how to get the best out of the small batch cast iron roaster and I'm learning more all the time.

Jump ahead to September 2013 - separation followed by move to Hampton Downs, a lovely property overlooking the Whangamarino Wetland. New roasting shed built and coffee roaster relocated! Up and running - business as usual. Franklin's own roast is now based in North Waikato where the frosts are intimidating and the mists etherial and gorgeous. Everyone has survived and are getting on with life and the coffee is still freshly roasted. Cheers Erica

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