The Beans

PNG Sigri  - From Papua New Guinea. A community minded company , heavily involved in supporting education and sports amongst the local villages. A lovely clean uniform arabica bean, light green/beige in colour. Gives our Franklin Blend a great intense hit of flavour.


Columbian Supremo - A large smooth even arabica bean, gives a well rounded full mouth flavour to our Karaka Blend, adds a hint of chocolate when combined with the unusual Samatran Mandhelling from Indonesia.


Samatran Mandhelling - Not the prettiest bean comparatively due to the water fermentationn process which adds a unique and distinctive flavour to both the Franklin and Karaka Blends when used in moderation.

Espresso Blend Swiss Water decaf - A combination of Ethiopia Sidamo, PNG, Indonesian Mandhelling, Brazil Sul de Minas and Honduras arabica. This decaf roast is surprisingly good with medium acidity and body, and a sweet nutty finish.


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